A production with the JuWie Dance Company and the choreographer Yaron Shamir.

Gambling – a social phenomenon deeply rooted in our society. To us, Gambling is a metaphor for capitalism. We have to succeed, we have to beat the rival, we have to feel powerful and we have to seduce the world with our expertise. The goal is to arrive in the next level. To be a winner.

Essentially, there is no choice.

Do we have a choice?

We are gambling.

And we are part of the game.

It’s the casino that decides the rules. And it also determines the speed of the game. It is a game that does not pause. Exactly like our steadily growing economy. Growing up in this world of speed we learn fast that no matter what, it will get better.

The worst is, there will never be an end. There is always the possibility of more. One needs always more. For us it is similar. We also need more because nothing is for free. Faster and more – that’s the way to go. But it is also a trap that we tap into, to believe “more” is always possible.

When we win the game “more” is really close and will be reached within seconds. When we lose “more” is what keeps us going. “More” is what we believe in when we have lost everything. The speed in which we have to succeed has never been higher. The amount of money we have to earn has never been as high as today. In contrast, the period of time to triumph has never been shorter. Nowadays, no one rests, we have to win and we have to gamble.

Premiere April 2017

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